Tuesday, 23 July 2013

In 1992 Italian mail artists and networkers Piermario Ciani and Vittore Baroni created the Stickerman Museum, devoted to all forms of adhesive art. In 2012, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ciani's original Stickerman project, I came up with the idea of opening a Tokyo Annex. Like the original museum (currently housed in Baroni's archive) the Tokyo Annex is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful, weird, silly, thought-provoking and ever-changing world of sticker art.

Everybody is invited to donate to the Stickerman Museum, Tokyo Annex. People who send at least ten stickers will receive a thank you gift from the curator.
You can send your stickers to:
Stickerman Museum, Tokyo Annex
3-3-23 Nagatsuta
226-0027 Kanagawa-ken

Brent Leopold, USA

Jurgen O. Olbrich, Germany

Carla Cryptic, USA

- Chest/torso/arm: made for her "Nudity in mail art" exhibition
- Waving Skeleton: made for her "Day of the Dead" ongoing call
- "Alyonka's Progress" (2009): made for a swap
- Skeleton with red and black background (2009): Day of the Dead
- Icelandic poppy (2006) (water activated glue on back)
- Red and white PEACE (2010)
- Self portrait in a frame (2010)
- SciFi (2005): favorite books artistamp
- Obama (2010)
- "Femail art through the US mail"
- "War is not the answer": made for an artistamp call

David Dellafiora, Australia



"These stickers came into my possession from Sticker Trading. I am a fan of street art, so the black and white vynil creations are my design. They are inspired by a local tree"

Arturo Fallico (USA) and The Sticker Dude (USA)

Archivio Artestudio, Italy


John M. Bennett, USA


Plagium 2000, Hungary


Vittore Baroni (Italy) and The Sticker Dude (USA)

From "Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology" (printed by Ragged Edge Press, USA)

Mason Cooley & The Sticker Dude, USA

Beatriz Albuquerque, Portugal


Lubomyr Tymkiv, Ukraine

Darlene Altschul, USA

Diane Bertrand, Canada

Dr. Toast, USA


Alberto Sordi, Italy

Keiichi Nakamura, Japan

Wackystuff, Canada


Mariela Kavaliunas, Argentina



Sabina Romanin, Italy

"These stickers are portraits of familiar faces which is my art research, involving such media as textile, xylography, collage, etc."

Clemente Padin, Uruguay

From Vittore Baroni's collection


Mail artist gallery

Helen Baziotou, Greece

John Mountain Productions, Spain

Bendigo, UK